Beneficial sales: these fashion, mask and outdoor retailers can give back why you like it


Disney released cloth face masks, these masks adopted the design of “Star Wars”, “Avengers”, “Toy Story” and other products.
Buying clothes, luggage and even masks can support your favorite charity event. Retailers not only carry out summer sales, but also make pledges to help the environment, fight injustice and provide food for the hungry, among other noble reasons.
Chewy, who sells pet food and prescription drugs, donated $1 million to help families care for pets during the financially difficult coronavirus pandemic.
Uncommon Goods, which sells sustainable products ranging from bamboo kitchen utensils to high-end fashion, will provide one dollar to partners selected by participating shoppers for every purchase.
To commemorate the centenary of the 19th Amendment, each necklace, ring, bracelet and pin in the Vote jewelry collection, Uncommon Goods will donate $5 to the League of Women in New York State.
Boomer Naturals’ nano silver reusable masks comply with the latest guidelines of the World Health Organization. The company will donate a mask for every one ordered. Sign up for an email to receive a 10% order discount.
Disney owns Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars and other large and small character-themed masks (see the measurement chart). Through MedShare, the company donated 1 million cloth masks to children and families of underserved and disadvantaged groups across the United States. .
Everlane’s reusable non-medical masks are made of double-layer woven and have cotton Lycra ear buckles ($25 for five pieces). 10% of sales will be donated to ACLU. Register to enjoy a 10% discount on the first order.
NxTSTOP uses breathable, soft and hygienic bamboo to make clothing. Every month, the company cooperates with other non-profit organizations to donate double-layer bamboo masks to those in need.
For each set of masks purchased, Nordstrom will donate masks to help protect children and families in need (4 boxes of various patterns are $20).
Uncommongoods offers a set of two sets of reusable rainbow masks designed for children at a price of US$25, 100% of which is donated to NYC Health + Hospitals. Sign up to receive emails and get a $5 credit.
Vistaprint has color reusable masks for adults and children, equipped with a replaceable filter system, which can block pollutants in the air without accumulating moisture ($18 for children, $13 for children, free shipping). For every reusable mask sold, Vistaprint will provide a portion to support local communities affected by the coronavirus.
Humblemaker is an independent coffee company that produces high-quality organic refined whole-bean coffee and coffee beverages, donating 10% of its annual profits to children with autism. The shipping of all orders is always free.
Parachute donates a set of masks ($30 for five masks) to those in need through each set of GetUsPPE and Safe Place for Youth ordered. The masks are made from the company’s comfortable bedding and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
Every time you buy an eco-friendly blanket at Sackcloth & Ashes, this Salem-based company sends the blanket to a homeless shelter in your area. The beautiful blankets for sale (approximately US$110) are designed for home, travel and camping, and are made of 100% recycled materials with solid ribbons. 5% of all sales of the now discontinued Arrow, Diamond and Mojave designs will be donated to Native non-profit organizations.
Ardene, who sells clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, sportswear and underwear, donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation and Soles4Souls.
The half-year sales in the backcountry include everything from camping, hiking, fishing and cycling to yoga equipment. If you plan ahead, winter sports clothing and equipment will also be sold. Save up to 50% on Patagonia, The North Face, Arc’teryx and other offers until August 28. Free shipping on orders over $50. The company has donated 9,000 non-medical-grade masks to the frontline departments of the homeless and homeless service workers.
Brooklinen sells super plump 100% Turkish cotton towels, bathrobes and rugs. These towels are particularly thick and have a spa-like comfort. They offer “black house”, “zero sports” and “blue bail” “Gold” fund donations. 10% discount for the first order, and up to 25% discount for bundled sheets, duvets and extra pillow cases.
Calvin Klein summer menswear and womenswear sales. Use code FRESH to get an additional 20% discount. Among many reasons, the company has donated money to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Foundation and ACLU, and supports the onePULSE Foundation, a non-profit organization established by the owner of the Pulse nightclub after the June 12, 2016 shooting in Orlando, Florida. .
Farm Rio, a clothing and lifestyle brand led by a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sells as much as 30% in summer. The company donates a tree to be planted in the Amazon rainforest with every purchase.
Frye’s first full-price purchase of shoes, boots, and leather accessories can enjoy a $25 discount for more than $50. free shipping. The company makes donations to Feeding America and Food Bank through the COVID-19 Response Fund.
When you subscribe to emails about exclusive merchandise, events and the latest brand news, Hatch maternity clothes can enjoy up to 50% discount and 10% discount on the first order. The company is donating surgical masks to medical service providers.
Evory Ella spends 10% of its annual adventure profits on T-shirts, sweaters, pajamas, and household and dormitory supplies to save the elephant organization. Enjoy 20% discount and get membership for free.
Macy’s has donated hundreds of donations, from food banks to local sanitation programs and animal shelters. Additional clearance items can enjoy a discount of 15% or more, and pay attention to flash sales, you can enjoy a discount of 50% to 75%. Free shipping on orders over $25.
Nike offers discounts of up to 40% on men’s and women’s shoes, clothing and equipment. Throughout the year, the company provides support to organizations such as Portland Pioneers.
Kenneth Cole’s end-of-season sale is as high as 80%. One percent of all net sales on will be donated to The Mental Health Coalition.
Levi’s sells jeans, hoodies, T-shirts and leggings. Enjoy a 20% discount and free shipping for the first order. The company donated 100% of the net proceeds (from truck jackets to headscarves) of its “Pride 2020″ series to OutRight Action International.
Lively Underwear donated bras for women in need. You can enjoy a 10% discount for the first order, and you can save by purchasing two or more products.
Olivela allows people to shop more than 430 top luxury fashion and beauty brands in the world, and 20% of each purchase supports causes such as “Save the Children” and “Avoid Hunger”. Use code SUMMER20 to get a 20% discount.
Popsockets produces handles, holders and wallets for digital devices. It is donated to The Trevor Project, a nationwide 24-hour toll free number, confidential suicide hotline at 866-488-7386 for LGBTQ youth. Use discount code POPTOPS to get a 25% discount, and free shipping on orders over $20.
Rec Room’s sportswear sales will raise funds (1% of total sales) for organizations working to eliminate the racial discrimination system in the United States. Send friends to buy Rec Room over $100 off $20, you can get a $20 discount on the next order.
Revolve sells 500 brands of merchandise, including fitness clothing, cosmetics for special events and beauty products. The company is committed to fighting inequality. 10% discount for the first order. From tights to tights are sold.
Thomas has been directing one third of the net profit from sales of its men’s, women’s and children’s shoes to the TOMS Covid-19 Global Endowment Fund. Use code FAM to get a 30% discount. Enjoy a 30% discount during the family and friends promotion period. Free shipping on orders over $75.
Vida, which sells clothing and accessories, donated 10% of the sales profit of VIDA protective masks to support the work of the food bank.
Wolven has sustainable sportswear for men and women whose fabric patterns are inspired by natural geometric shapes. If you sign up for email, the company will offer a 10% discount. The company donated 1% of sales to environmental protection.
Honest Personal Protective Equipment sells personal protective equipment such as masks, face masks, gloves and disinfectants. The company makes donations to non-profit organizations, other organizations and people in need. Enter your email to receive a 5 cent discount on each mask and be the first to learn about the weekly specials that need PPE the most.
Redfora sells first aid kits. There are two packs of facial coverings made of high-density wool felt, with moisture-proof core, temperature adjustment and oven safe disinfection ($29.99). The company donated 1% of the proceeds to disaster relief agencies. Save $10 on the first order. sells quick-drying, non-sticky, multifunctional fungicides for hands and high-touch devices that can kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and spores. The founder said: “Our service only provides the amount you need each month, which is an alternative to unethical ard products. It will enable our customers to continue to promote this healthy habit after the COVID19 crisis is repelled.”
The common era of selling ethical and sustainable jewelry will donate 3% of all profits to the Animal Welfare Institute to help eliminate animal suffering around the world. Register your email to get a 10% discount on orders.
The vegetarian beauty products sold by Fluide do not contain parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde, and can meet all gender expression and skin tone requirements. There are sales of nail polish to masks. Save 20% on the first order. Free shipping on orders over $25. The company makes donations to non-profit organizations dedicated to LGBTQ health and advocacy. A certain percentage of Proud Together shirt sales benefited Marsha P Johnson Institute.
Sephora launched a promotion on top beauty brands in August, allowing customers to redeem points for charity rewards. The featured charity event in August is the Citizenship and Human Rights Leadership Conference.
Paravel has environmentally friendly suitcases and suitcases in various colors, embroidery, hand-painted letters and emojis. Ten percent of the proceeds from the new foldable belt bag will be donated to the NAACP Environment and Climate Justice Program. Save $15 on the first order. Shipping is carbon-free and free.
Society6 allows you to enjoy an additional $10 discount on home, outdoor, technology and office supplies designed by independent artists. These products are already on sale with discounts of up to 30%. Every purchase will pay to the artist who designed it to stimulate creativity around the world.
Vega donated its plant-based products to food banks, hospitals and emergency services in the United States and Canada. It also donated $10,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, $10,000 to the Conscious Alliance, and $10,000 to the Black Health Alliance. You can enjoy a 20% discount next time you place an order. View the latest offer.
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