How do I find Springdale students by bus?


Springdale School will maintain a full-load bus, but will need to provide masks and hand sanitizer for each student.
Kevin Conkin, the co-director of the Springdale Public Schools Transportation Department, told 40/29 News that to achieve social isolation, approximately 300 to 500 different buses are needed. There are only 172 buses in the area.
Even if there are virtual students, the school district will be filled with 50 to 60 students on each bus. There may be two to three students per seat.
Kang Jin said: “The appearance of the large yellow bus will be the same. The way we ride the large yellow bus will be different.”
Students will be required to wear a mask. They bring hand sanitizer pumps when they get in the car. As in previous years, every student will sit in a designated seat. Kang Jin said this year that if a student gets sick, the seat will help with contract tracking. They will maintain social distancing whenever possible.
Deep clean the bus twice a day-once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Between each run, the driver will also use FDA-approved food-grade chemicals for disinfection.
Kang Jin said that they understand that sometimes students will throw away their masks throughout the day or forget to bring them to the bus station, so in this case, drivers will have more room to distribute. Kang Jin said that drivers do have the right to wear masks.
Arriving at the bus station late, or dropping their masks in the gym in the afternoon, or things that might run around, but our driver will wear disposable masks on the bus for them to wear. Now, this is a temporary solution, because they are only available for one day, and I hope everyone can understand. ”
Kang Jin said: “If there are frequent problems, we will cooperate with the building and help these students.” “Because we are standing here today, it not only makes me strange, but also very strange to those students.”
Other safety measures include keeping windows closed when weather permits to avoid air recirculation. When planning a route, students usually take no more than 15 minutes at a time.
Conkin said that more than 40% of Springdale bus drivers are over 65, and some of them are at medical risk. Drivers can choose to take a one-year leave and continue working until next year. He said 22 people decided not to come back this year. They have been able to reduce this number, so now they only have 6 drivers.
“Currently, not only in Springdale, but also in Rogers, Bentonville and Fayetteville, there is a shortage of drivers. Therefore, our plan is to open up and increase social distancing when possible.”
If the driver becomes ill, other personnel in the area will be on standby at any time, including 36 instructors with commercial driving licenses.
“The teachers and employees who work in the school system love children. So they all unite to do the right thing. We do have some teachers and principals who say,’Hey, I want to drive.’
For information about becoming a bus driver, routes or registering your child as a rider, you can visit the area’s transportation page.
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Post time: Aug-20-2020


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