necktie matching strategy

A person’s dressing style can tell a person’s temperament and cultivation

The necktie is the accessory that can directly show your taste,so it’s very important to learn the  necktie

1. Double-breasted suits are suitable for wide  necktie


2. a single-breasted suit needs a plain narrow  necktie

3. A printed necktie is better for a casual suit

4.  dark blue suit, it is suitable to wear a crimson or blue printed necktie


5. gray suit, the clothes are also available in white, blue and rose, the necktie can be plain or patterned with blue as the base.


6. Beige suit is suitable for red and white background necktie

7. coarse fleece tops, such as scots, not a fashionable necktie

Because it has an unpretentious country style

——The necktie that matches with this kind of clothing does not need to be shiny

The pattern should be plain


Or simply don’t wear a necktie
8. The V-neck area of the suit is narrow

It is suitable to wear a simple and bright necktie

9.  the opposite

Large spaces exposed outside the suit collar

Or open the placket

The necktie pattern can be more complicated

To show the effect of the entire pattern.

Post time: Oct-19-2020


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