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I write about men’s fashion. Long before we heard the terrible word COVID-19, the way men dress began to decline.
Fans of old movies may marvel at how we once jumped out: hats, vests or double-breasted suits, and black or white tuxedos at night. In movies and real life, people smoking like lighting a cigarette is a fashion statement. Yes, good guys (and girlfriends) smoke cigarettes, now they are just bad guys.
We have never dressed like the British, but we have our own standards: a hat, a tie and a jacket. Without a tie and jacket, you cannot enter a decent restaurant, club or social gathering. Restaurants and hotels maintain closets of jackets for customers.
The church is best for Sunday: no matter how worn out, a suit. These days, people wear church shorts to the gym or the beach, wear ragged jeans, Hawaiian shirts and sandals.
The hair at JFK International Airport was very good, and he seemed to want us to know, so he had his head bare and everyone else followed. This will surely put tens of thousands of workers out of work: felt hat manufacturers, hat designers, hatters, and shops that only sell helmets. There was no yelling even in Congress, a breath on a tree stump or a relaunch of the hat movement is gone.
Some people will say that the baseball cap has taken over, but really! Compared with the exquisite Humboldt, Derby or sports tweed hat, what is a baseball cap? You may not be in the same league. Lift or lower the hat, count the hat, define, identify and penetrate the wearer.
You lift the hat to women, superiors or senior citizens, then take them off and put them on indoors. The hat has its own rules and standards. Now, the place where you put the folding skateboard on the airplane starts out as a “hat rack.”
As for the tie, it disappeared slowly at first and then quickly disappeared. It was pop musicians who gave it a big boost in the 1970s. They did not wear a tie. By the 1980s, high-tech fashion clothing gradually declined. Think of Jobs in those turtlenecks.
In the past year, the bond has gone. Only the evening news announcer still wears them, not all. In most TV shows, the tie is tightly closed and opened before the shutdown.
Who decides that if a person wears a tie, it will be a fossil? Who thought we would look better without them?
The shirts worn by men are obviously designed to be tieable, so all the tieless men you can see everywhere look robbed, incomplete, and poorly dressed, as if they had forgotten something when they left home in the morning. Still disturbed by naughty things.
Why is life so difficult for those who love men? What kind of birthday, Christmas, and anniversary are they going to give us? The tie is very beautiful. They are the perfect gift: easy to give, easy to receive, and almost always welcome. They relaxed the social ceremony of thanking their father, husband or boyfriend for being there.
I have noticed that there are people trying to save the day because those who feel now outdated are now wearing fashionable pocket squares. Maybe this works. For me, it just emphasizes the bare part of the neck, where something is missing.
Of course, the tie is useless except to change the identity of the suit. For the strange Philistines, it is necessary to wipe the glasses.
What after the coronavirus? Suits may not come back at all, and we may all wear clothes that can enter the washing machine without being pressed.
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Post time: Sep-11-2020


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