Why masks with breathing valves cannot stop the spread of COVID-19

微信图片_20200603150741       Phoenix – Mandatory requirements for masks are in place in cities across the country, and these orders increasingly prohibit the use of masks with valves.
Although these one-way valves are designed to provide greater comfort by allowing air to escape from the mask when the user exhales, this feature can also allow the virus to spread.
“This defeats the purpose,” said Kai Singbartl, chair of infection prevention and control at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. “They are unfiltered, these valves are the path of least resistance, so to speak, it is easier to exhale and eliminate heat and moisture.”
However, Simbatel said that in addition to dissipating heat and moisture, the wearer also emits virus drops and particles.
A spokesperson for Maricopa County in Arizona specified that masks do not meet the county’s mask requirements in the mask task. He wrote that the county’s ban is based on a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prohibit the use of masks in health. Care settings.
However, other county-level mask mandatory regulations do not have specific restrictions on masks, and those regulations that do prohibit masks do not seem to be always enforced.
The Mayo Clinic does not allow patients to wear valve masks to enter the room, but Simbatel said he has seen people wearing them before requiring other types of masks. He said he has even seen medical professionals working in Mayo Clinic without using this mask.
Hump ​​skin and dermatologist Kristine Romin said: “In a sterile place, it is absolutely prohibited to use, because it allows unfiltered exhaled air to enter.” Patients wearing masks are not allowed to enter.
A Maricopa County spokesperson wrote in an email that Maricopa County Public Health is not a “law enforcement agency,” and said that if there are unresolved issues between individuals or businesses, they are encouraged to contact local law enforcement .
Romin also saw some people wearing gas masks in public, and believed that those wearing gas masks might not even realize that they might spread the virus further through the masks, because these masks can usually be purchased online and used as effective filtering devices. Sales. .
She said: “When you look at it, you feel that it should be real protection.” “But it won’t reduce the spread of COVID-19. It should protect the wearer and people 6 feet away.”
As researchers learn more about this virus, the mask policy continues to evolve and change, but at present, Singbartl recommends using a mask that covers the nose and mouth with a certain material (such as cotton), and ensures that the mask is close to the face to prevent virus particles Escape or enter.
According to Singbartl, a structure with a higher thread count can be used as a more effective filter. Since different materials may interact with viruses differently, he also suggested combining different materials, such as silk and cotton, so that the mask can filter out a larger range of particles.
He said that he hopes to see masks become mandatory across the state and also to make regulations for valve masks.
He said: “This is actually protecting others.” “If we want to return to a normal life, then if we have a cover request, we will be able to interact more normally.”
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Post time: Aug-19-2020


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